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uAchieve 4.5.1 Release Notes



Jul 17, 2018

Issues 75 issues


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Issue Number Component(s) Description


Provide a Method that accepts a list of Student Numbers and returns the StuMaster object in the UachieveApi
UACH-5386 Batch, Self-Service If a user runs a batch and then tries to clone a batch an error processing request is thrown
UACH-5385 Batch, Self-Service In IE11 a user cannot upload a batch file
UACH-5391 Batch, Self-Service Firefox does not use all of the space provided for the run results
UACH-5394 Batch, Self-Service On the batch criteria clicking the Upload File isn't highlighting the bar properly
UACH-5413 Batch Batch Name Search
UACH-5305 Database APPROVAL_STATUS_IDX missing from create scripts
UACH-2449 Security, Self-Service Allow Multiple Instids per user
UACH-2816 Self-Service and SS integration - use same student search across both apps
UACH-5315 Self-Service Now with handling multiple INSTIDs per user, need to adjust where we initialize Student object when logging in as Student
UACH-5316 Self-Service Wherever we are currently getting INSTIDQ from file, update to grab off currentInstitution
UACH-5247 Self-Service Log Program Matcher indexing through log4j
UACH-5274 Self-Service Staff member clicks on "View your Profile" error processing request
UACH-4880 Self-Service, Server We should not allow values to be saved on an iref table in self service that will cause an error if used in the client
UACH-5299 Self-Service Setting "Show Charts & Graphs" to False causes Audits to Error Out
UACH-4629 Self-Service Target Institutional Reference Page errors if some columns are null
UACH-5371 Self-Service On the audit bar graphs if the graph is big enough the HOUR label is being pushed into the legend
UACH-5369 Self-Service Batch ID's are showing with commas on the run results
UACH-4390 Self-Service Adviser Permissions - View Advisees and search for any student
UACH-5367 Self-Service On an add course exception the cancel button is being pushed down to a second row
UACH-5337 Self-Service Clicking the memo, Iflags, or alt courses buttons are causing the message to cover up the button to close it
UACH-5384 Self-Service When a user searches for a student that cannot be found then tries to search by one that exists self service is forcing them to search by the unfound student
UACH-5327 Self-Service Dpmask filter not functioning on TransferEval page
UACH-5340 Self-Service On the edit rules tab the rules column is showing an underscore between edit and delete which is acting like a second edit button
UACH-5338 Self-Service The add row button on the segments tab of the TA table is displaying in the middle of the page instead of the far right
UACH-5339 Self-Service On the TA Table edit rules tab the add and delete rule buttons are displaying too far to the left
UACH-5408 Self-Service In Chrome on the TA Table name the question info mark has an underscore next to it
UACH-5083 Self-Service Error when saving home/target IREF Grade Table
UACH-5291 Self-Service CLONE - Unable to create an audit for the 1st Program matched on the Program Matcher
UACH-5351 Self-Service In 4.5.1 Sprint 5 on the transfer evaluations page we are displaying two arrows next to each source id instead of one and clicking the arrows does nothing
UACH-5390 Self-Service Trying to change passwords from an application outside of SS is causing student is no longer current errors
UACH-4188 Self-Service Self-Service Advisor with Advisees logging in takes a long time.
UACH-5357 Self-Service Adding courses on an exception display issues
UACH-5356 Self-Service The graph area is a mess when running an audit in IE11
UACH-5352 Self-Service The Home courses add button text is displaying in black instead of white
UACH-5393 Self-Service The course mask help modal is shoving the title in the right corner in front of the x close modal
UACH-5364 Self-Service The confirm batch criteria modal has shifted the title far to the right and pushed the close x into the middle
UACH-5395 Self-Service In exception mode the auto populated markers are no longer showing black highlight text and clicking them is forcing the focus of the user back to the top
UACH-5392 Self-Service In Microsoft Edge in the encoding area a user can click on the grayed out delete buttons
UACH-5378 Self-Service By default in firefox a lower case g is being cut off when entering a transfer, home, or planned course title
UACH-2834 Self-Service Audit Request Error when student attempts to run own audit, and student's name is longer than 30 characters.
UACH-4846 Self-Service TA Encoding area performance improvments
UACH-5379 Self-Service Pressing the plus or minus icons in self service comments is throwing the users focus back to the top of the page
UACH-4242 Self-Service When a user has a large amount of advisees sorting the results causes the advisees to all disappear
UACH-5387 Self-Service When entering an advanced exception the user entry modal is being shoved under the audit
UACH-5425 Self-Service On a force requirement to complete exception the "This Exception will force the current Requirement to Completion" text is being mushed together
UACH-5424 Self-Service Exception Mode buttons are displaying unaligned
UACH-5361 Self-Service REBREAK - The SelfService help page is erroring out with freemarker errors because of the changes to graphs
UACH-5427 Self-Service Exception titles are displaying to the side instead of the top of the exception entry page
UACH-5428 Self-Service In IE11 the interpeting audit results help icon is displaying a little underscore next to it
UACH-5314 Server Patch for UACH-5119
UACH-5256 Server Add limit to number of audits a uAchieve server instance can have in the BlockingQueue at one time
UACH-4730 Server New COM field: Processing REFVALS Or'd Requirement Sets
UACH-4912 Server For some audit outputs in a Batch, the PDF report is not being generated, even though the TXT report is.
UACH-5184 Server Or'd requirements that are met are not indicating met after x-line limit processing
UACH-5164 Server Batch is using COM-ONL that has user defined field pre-filled
UACH-4942 Server Exceptions applying to requirements with non-matching Auth Codes
UACH-5276 Server Alternate course with BLANKC created incorrectly
UACH-5285 Server Reference Articulations in Transferology are not correctly generating or matching automatically numbered articulations
UACH-4733 Server DROPDUP not working when Grade using GPACALC = D
UACH-5119 Server NOLIST=J Subrequirements Titles Show when Requirement OK but Subrequirement not OK
UACH-5165 Server Summary Requirement graphs incorrect estimated hours - summary specifies hours required but grouped requirements total used instead
UACH-3528 Server u.achieve missing Error message?
UACH-5286 Server Planner needs to handle wildcard courses within reference articulations
UACH-4455 Server Make EC05 error more friendly and useful
UACH-5253 Server Courses Double Counting Where Reuse is Blank
UACH-5420 Server A basic refart is equating to no course equivalents in 4.5.1 but displays as expected in 4.5
UACH-5418 Server An audit error due to COM.RUNSTATUS and Program Status settings are causing the 4.5.1 audit to not produce
UACH-5415 Server On a nolist of J with a completed requirement and incomplete subreq courses aren't showing but they do in darwin
UACH-5323   Add String.format() style messages to default Logger
UACH-5303   Upgrade Bootstrap
UACH-5233   Reference articulation audits - instcd problem
UACH-5301   audit pie highlighting color is wrong
UACH-5409   Schedule Builder and Self Service display an extra space in the footer that Planner and Dashboard do not
UACH-5412   Batch Student Search is under Tools instead of Batch in Header



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