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uAchieve 4.5.4 Release Notes


Our release notes provide brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features that are created with each new uAchieve version.


Mar 10, 2020

Issues 150 issues


Important Highlights From This Release

Key Highlighttext
UACH-6083 Added an optional COM field value to the Population Student List Upload feature to allow batches to be created with different COMs
UACH-6079 Force full course processing when the instid/cd changes between dprogs for the same student
UACH-6063 Allowed for What-If year terms in Self Service to be configured with an xml file again rather than using the Admin Panel if desired
UACH-6061 In the Admin area, made the Student Landing page a dropdown rather than a field to allow for easier configuration
UACH-5968 Improved performance of the Batch List and Batch Result List pages
UACH-5906 Now ensure that audit requests no longer get "stuck" in Q status during very high demand
UACH-5895 Home-to-home evaluations should NOT delete existing unlocked evaluations
UACH-5867 Allowed Batch Permissions to be controlled based on Population Type
UACH-5850 New configuration controls whether Auth Codes are exact matches or prefix-based
UACH-5841 Fixed inconsistent application of System Condition Code tests on transfer rules
UACH-5784 Added new studentCountQuery in criteria.xml to allow for student number column in Population table or view to be configured
UACH-5774 Error in one audit causes error message on all following audits in batch
UACH-5725 Improved the flexibility of Student Search to allow searching for student data anywhere, not just Security or the Student Finder
UACH-5677 Keep the currently selected rule visible when editing a TA record in encoding from the web
UACH-4845 A course formatted with a backslash will be corrected to match the department course mask when changing focus in encoding from the web
UACH-4755 The "Not Taken" text on courses is now configurable in the exceptions from the audit area
UACH-4481 New config to force the DPROG, CATLYT, and COMKEY when running transfer evaluations in Self-Service


All Updates for This Release

Issue Number Component(s) Description
UACH-5583 API StuMasterHibernateDao updates to do parameter binding in all queries
UACH-6053 API API using old MD5 encoding for requirement key hashcode ()
UACH-5525 API Update API to work with both dbtools and Server
UACH-6091 API Resubmit abandoned jobs stuck in 'P' status
UACH-5503 API Alter dbtools to use the BatchInsert process
UACH-6068 Batch Batch page filter is slow
UACH-6174 Batch Open All TXT as PDF shows 0 audits, but Open All in PDF shows 215 pages
UACH-6098 Batch Should provide the user with the alert message when the user attempts to click on the "Add to Population" button without entering student ID#
UACH-6083 Batch Add COM field to Population Selection file upload format
UACH-5368 Batch Simple batch criteria are causing a "Service unavailable" error
UACH-6167 Batch Batch - Missing "Open All TXT as PDF" button
UACH-6162 Batch Blackout - Clicking on Refresh closes the Edit page
UACH-6161 Batch Batches are no longer running with txt audits, only PDF
UACH-6160 Batch SQL: Clicking on Last Run Date causes a "Page not found" error
UACH-6153 Batch Blackout - Checkbox displays two places for Monday
UACH-6152 Batch MSSQL: Clicking on Run Results tab causes an error "There has been an error processing your request"
UACH-6145 Batch Sorting run results by Last Run Date causes a "The requested page was not found" error
UACH-6133 Batch Batch/Run Results - FreeMarker template error
UACH-6113 Batch Clicking on Run Results causes a FreeMarker template error
UACH-6109 Batch Cannot re-run batch with large populations
UACH-6107 Batch Page does not load when clicking on the Share Batch option
UACH-5968 Batch, Self-Service Having SS_AREA_BATCH set to Full can result in too much information being pulled
UACH-5372 Client Course mask does not display correctly when adding academic record
UACH-1335 Client Print Preview command on a PDF audit does not work and should be disabled
UACH-5629 Client Cannot enter Condition Description for " quote in uAchieve 4.5 Client
UACH-4370 Client CU uAchieve upgrade: Cannot set property with Group
UACH-5835 Client Run bar in uAchieve Client stays on primary screen when user moves Client to 2nd screen
UACH-3250 Client Removing the only exception causes the uAchieve Client to close
UACH-5324 Database uAchieve Server - v4_4_0_ORACLE.sql update script
UACH-4845 Self-Service TA encoding area - Format course when using backslash as soon as focus is changed
UACH-2624 Self-Service Make sorts case-insensitive for Batch run results
UACH-4481 Self-Service New configuration option to hardcode a DPROG, CATLYT, or COMKEY when running a transfer evaluation from Self-Service
UACH-4755 Self-Service Make the "Not Taken" text that is displayed on courses without a term in the exceptions from the audit area configurable
UACH-6143 Self-Service Batch - List of Students - Hide the Student Name column when not loading name
UACH-6074 Self-Service CLONE - Exceptions Forms XML
UACH-5677 Self-Service Keep the scroll bar anchored while viewing rules in the Transfer Articulation table
UACH-6004 Self-Service Alphabetize the list of Student Populations
UACH-5140 Self-Service Program Matcher page - When Program Matcher is not found, the Back button does not work if using iPad and the Safari browser to view Program Matcher
UACH-5016 Self-Service Batch schedule start date does not visually indicate to the user the current location on the Close button
UACH-4936 Self-Service iPad: Transfer Evaluation area - Delete button appears in the wrong place; it should be next to the Discard Changes button
UACH-4849 Self-Service When a student has several degree programs and markers, extra gray spaces appear on the Audit Request page
UACH-5411 Self-Service Highlight box on Exceptions From the Audit disappears after canceling one exception
UACH-5366 Self-Service Add Course Exception - Clicking the Next button starts the user's focus on the bottom of the second tab
UACH-5358 Self-Service IREF Grade Definition column headers are unven
UACH-5176 Self-Service Exception mode - Exceptions with multiple tabs are forcing the user focus to the bottom buttons, which is confusing for sightless users
UACH-1435 Self-Service Or'd sub-requirements get "OR" twice AND text-only sub-requirements getting "optional" text on the IA graphs
UACH-5651 Self-Service Batch 4.5.2 SQL error on preview for aliased stuno in studentQuery
UACH-5630 Self-Service Program Matcher - Default ComKey is not being used if value is not in index Com
UACH-5625 Self-Service TA Table - Headings must be properly nested on the page
UACH-5624 Self-Service IREF - Headings must be properly nested on the page
UACH-5623 Self-Service TA - Sorting table has no label
UACH-5622 Self-Service Transfer Institution table missing label
UACH-5621 Self-Service Add New School link - Make sure the headings are properly nested on the page
UACH-5620 Self-Service School lookup/input field - Form has no button element
UACH-5611 Self-Service Headings not properly nested on Request Audit page
UACH-5607 Self-Service Audit Request Page/Advanced Settings/Click to view available options - Adjust the H4 heading to be properly nested in the MAIN landmark
UACH-5606 Self-Service Audit Request Page/Advanced Settings - Make sure the headings are properly nested on the page
UACH-5605 Self-Service Manage Audit page - Select All/None - ONCLICK event handlers must have role
UACH-5604 Self-Service Manage Audit Page/Select All/Select None - Add roles to the element
UACH-5603 Self-Service Manage Audit Page/Delete Checkbox - Use FIELDSET and LEGEND elements to make the label text content unique on the page
UACH-5571 Self-Service Encoding from the web - "Hide," "T," and "F" on courses has blank microhelp
UACH-5553 Self-Service What-if audit - Wrong message displays when no catalog year is selected
UACH-4053 Self-Service When there is an error in the audit, the Help icon and Print icon shift to the bottom left of the page
UACH-3638 Self-Service Self-Service display of selected What-if programs
UACH-3441 Self-Service NVDA skips over Select your Style text and style links
UACH-4616 Self-Service Blank screen - Add a Degree Program for a student
UACH-4369 Self-Service Add space between Hours and Grades on the Add Course Exception screen
UACH-4231 Self-Service When alt courses or flags are blank on a home-target course, they remain selectable with a keyboard but not with the mouse
UACH-6170 Self-Service Add course exception from the web does not show correct course number
UACH-6164 Self-Service When switching institution from the Settings and then try to run audit with different program, the page does not seem to be loading
UACH-6163 Self-Service SQL: Click on Program Mappings, got error processing request
UACH-6155 Self-Service Update Profile - got error processing request
UACH-6154 Self-Service SQL: Select Program Matcher - Error processing request
UACH-6138 Self-Service Program Matcher should not include any dprog that has expired year/term catalog
UACH-6126 Self-Service License was removed but Batch still shows in Planner
UACH-6124 Self-Service Program Matcher does not work - looking for HTM report_type when it should be NONE
UACH-6121 Self-Service No program displays on the page but it says "1 Program Found"
UACH-6118 Self-Service Attempting to add course from the audit causes an error processing request
UACH-6116 Self-Service Regression - Linking to student audit as student results in error
UACH-6110 Self-Service What if Audit - Degree does not save
UACH-6093 Self-Service Cannot edit or add a new TA table
UACH-6092 Self-Service Cannot edit IREF or adding a new IREF table
UACH-6076 Self-Service Student List Population allows you to add the default IDs to the student list without checking
UACH-6071 Self-Service typo in error message for exception from the audit
UACH-5925 Self-Service The Add Course Exception screen is not being responsive
UACH-5902 Self-Service uAChieve 4.5.2- Security Vulnerability Scan Issues
UACH-5851 Self-Service User is unable to create a plan when they have multiple degree programs across Institutions
UACH-5850 Self-Service Users can select Auth Codes that are not on their ID
UACH-5833 Self-Service When only 1 program found match, the message should display 1 Program without the 's'
UACH-5826 Self-Service In the audit, the Hours label is bumping into the pie chart
UACH-5784 Self-Service Batch SQL Error on 'stuno' column in stunoQuery for Preview function
UACH-5759 Self-Service Course History or Performance tab - make sure the headings are properly nested on the page
UACH-5741 Self-Service Transfer Details: The black circle with a white question mark icon next to the course has an attribute of title=“Help for crsNum”.
UACH-6062 Self-Service Printer View Auto Collapse not working
UACH-6030 Self-Service The add course course exception button should not display below the course number
UACH-6029 Self-Service Cannot add course exception from audit
UACH-6007 Self-Service Program Matcher results page does not return results in MSSQL
UACH-6003 Self-Service Viewing the Student Populations page after viewing an individual student causes the selected student menu to remain visible when it shoud not
UACH-6002 Self-Service Self Service Transfer Evaluations Tab Throws an Error If Year/Term of a Student Course Starts with a Zero
UACH-5986 Self-Service Transfer Eval/Legend - headings must have MAIN landmark
UACH-5985 Self-Service Transfer Eval/Legend - Headings must be properly nested on the page
UACH-6188 Self-Service Selecting Comments from the menu displays the message, "There has been an error processing your request."
UACH-6186 Self-Service Exception Tab Requirement Modification Exception Losing Data in 4.5.3 Self Service
UACH-5725 Self-Service Improve Flexibility of Student Search to be able to search multiple locations for Student Data
UACH-6105 Server Patch request for 5818 for v.4.5.3
UACH-6078 Server Set job_queue_list status back to 'N' when job is rejected by ExecutorService
UACH-6079 Server Force full course processing when the instid/cd changes between dprogs for a student
UACH-5245 Server REFYQ not printing on audit using %QT% logic
UACH-4273 Server Comparison method violates its general contract - Error
UACH-6081 Server Non-terminating decimal expansion error during transfer articulation
UACH-6067 Server Improper Output Neutralization for Logs (CWE 117)
UACH-5906 Server As a batch processor, I need my batch audits to not get stuck in Q status
UACH-5895 Server Home-to-Home evaluation should NOT delete existing unlocked evaluations
UACH-5894 Server Estimated Hours not Recalculated when Courses Adjusted Away
UACH-5865 Server Longer Auth codes are matching short authcodes
UACH-5841 Server In Transfer Articulation: If the TA Rule has a System Condition Code Test, the Source Course Reject Condition Code Appears to be Ignored
UACH-5825 Server Wrap Job Selection from the JOB_QUEUE_LIST in a Transaction
UACH-5818 Server L-string is not following the order of the courses on the string rule
UACH-5774 Server 4.5.2 Batch error on one student causes error message on all following students
UACH-6011 Server Reference Title in CTITLE Can Be Too Long for Column
UACH-6181 Server Course exception (C, E or S action) should apply the exception to the Dprog specified and force the reprocessing of the courses on subsequent audits for same student in same request
UACH-6080   Does logSavePath still work?
UACH-5756   4.5.1 Patch for UACH-5722
UACH-6147   Popuplation - List of Students - Count of students on the edit critera page
UACH-6128   Regression - Load Default Term Templates When User Logs Into an Inst with None Defined
UACH-6100   Create a README.txt file for Dashboard's config directory
UACH-5867   Allow ability to turn on/off Batch Student Population Type based on permissions
UACH-5807   Replace "tab selected" labeling for screen reader users on Audit page
UACH-6063   Audit Request Year Terms, Use Options Provider to give option to continue using XML config
UACH-6061   Make the Student Landing Page a Dropdown of Potential Options
UACH-6026   Include criteria.xml in config directory and make available in the apps out of the box
UACH-6142   Course Details in Planner
UACH-6166   Remove upper case code in getChartCategories query in ProgramMatcherHibernateDao for Admin Panel dropdown
UACH-6165   Cannot add Program Mapping
UACH-6159   Fix Error in APPROVAL_STATUS_IDX in suite_4_3_0_2 upgrade script
UACH-6146   Populations Last Mod Date getting updated when a user just views a population
UACH-6136   Advisor can't add plan from an audit
UACH-6131   Batch - Scheduled Batches are stuck in "Running" status instead of showing the clock icon
UACH-6106   Audit Request Year Terms defaults to current term when Past or Future year terms is set to 0
UACH-6104   Tried to add course from an audit, got error processing request
UACH-6087   Batch Max Warn Size Property Isn't Working Correctly
UACH-5898   4.5.1 Student Finder - Name Search Never Executes
UACH-5748   MU Accessibility issue Finding 26 - <ul> element has "navigation" role
UACH-6059   What If CATLYT dropdown no longer configurable to be Descending order
UACH-6047   Null Out Current Student When Selecting Insitution and let Landing page reload student
UACH-6031   Batch - the list for the operand under the criteria is not populating
UACH-6021   Terms Displaying Incorrectly When Term Code is a Single Character
UACH-6018   suite_4_5_3_ORACLE_update.sql broken
UACH-6009   Links added to roadmaps are being stripped of 'target="_blank"' attribute.
UACH-6005   Incorrect Number of Audits Displaying in Program Matcher Warnings
UACH-6187   Student Population file upload - "File too large" error


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