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What's New in uAchieve 4.5.2


The 4.5.2 release is a minor address addressing over 200 issues across the uAchieve applications:

  • New Transcript Importer for streamlining transfer evaluations
  • New custom audit report templates for generating the concise, one-page Graduation Audit
  • Improvements to the Admin Help area:
  • Improved product keys are now restricted to the current release version or a product's subscription expiration date
  • Students now have access to change institutions when given Institution Properties that make them choose from the Select Institution page
  • Improvements to Student Search
  • The file and file (depending on Daversion) for the uAchieve Planner application has a new property that is a new filter that (when building roadmaps) allows hiding of pseudo courses when the hidden course filters are enabled to show on the audit

Additional Highlights

  • Improved Planned Course Demand report now allows you to "drill down" to additional levels of detail to learn more about students with a specified course on their plan, and whether the plan is approved
  • Extended Batch permissions for FULL vs RESTRICTED settings on existing app functions setting up group/user access to all batches, as opposed to more restricted access to your own batch/shared batches
  • New ability to delete groups of courses (AND/OR/RANGE) within a roadmap
  • Planned courses no longer decrement house on the roadmap if the roadmap requirement's linked audit sub-requirement doesn't require anything

Release Notes

Want more details? View the complete release notes for uAchieve 4.5.2

Database Changes & New Properties

For additional information, see an overview of database changes and new properties introduced in this release.


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