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Database Changes and New Properties in 4.5.2


This page contains technical details that may be useful for preparation for upgrades.  

Database Changes

Actual database changes in the new release

Column affected?







What table does this affect?

Or, was a new table added to implement this database change?

What was the change for?

SOURCE_STUNO NEW   TRANSCRIPT_IMPORTER_LOG   Tracking original transcript SchoolAssignedPersonID verses uAchieve STUNO value since at times they are different.
RECEIVED_ID NEW   TRANSCRIPT_IMPORTER_LOG TEMP_TRANSCRIPT_IMPORTER_LOG was created as a backup of existing TRANSCRIPT_IMPORTER_LOG table because all the data needs to be deleted for future logging functionality. Easier maintenance of logs belonging to a single transcript file upload attempt. Especially in situations where the same transcript (same doc ID) was attempted to be uploaded multiple times.


New Properties

The following properties are new properties introduced with the new release (from the list in the application's Admin help area):

Format: DATABASE_NAME - Label in the Admin Help Area

  • THEME_DEFAULT - Default Theme
  • THEME_HC - High Contrast Theme
  • STU_SEARCH_COLUMN_VISIBLE - Student Search Results Columns
  • AUDIT_PLANNED_COURSES_CC - Planned Courses Condition Code
  • ALLOW_PRIVATE_COMMENTS - Allow Private Comments
  • COLLEGE_TRANS_HOME_PAGE - Transcript Importer Homepage
  • COLLEGE_TRANS_LOG_LEVEL - Transcript Log Level
  • COLLEGE_TRANS_SOPRID - Transcript Operator ID
  • COLLEGE_TRANS_SERVER_NAME - Transcript Server Name
  • DEFAULT_TIME_BETWEEN_COURSES_DIFF_CAMPUS - Default Time Between Classes on Different Campuses Value
  • DEFAULT_MIN_TIME_BETWEEN_CLASSES - Default Minimum Time Between Classes Preference Value
  • DEFAULT_MAX_TIME_BETWEEN_CLASSES - Default Maximum Time Between Classes Preference Value
  • MAX_CREDITS_ON_SCHEDULE - Max Credits on Schedule 

New in used by Planner:

New in used by Dashboard:

New in

New App Functions and Security Roles

  • SS_AREA_BATCHES and SS_AREA_RESULTS now recognize a difference between FULL and RESTRICTED setting on CRUD permissions. This allows you to give permission to single users or groups of users to ALL Batches and/or Batch results, regardless of who created them or what share access has been given to them.


New Configs

Six new configs in the 4.5.2 release:

  •  UDIR-2362 - YearTerms defined with Start Months of 10, 11 or 12 cause JS validation errors when creating a Plan CLOSED
  •  UDIR-2204 - New filter to exclude pseudo-courses CLOSED
  •  UDIR-912 - Handle term codes that are not numeric CLOSED
  •  UACH-5405 - Year Term Display for Manage Audits page and Audit Header CLOSED
  •  UACH-4378 - Students Can't Change Institution CLOSED
  •  DASH-736 - With updated Transfer-institutions.xml file from Transferology, include handling converting to CEEB and OPEID codes CLOSED 



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