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QRG: Create a Plan from a Roadmap


This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) provides a very high-level overview of how to set up a plan using a roadmap in the uAchieve® Academic Planner.

NOTE: Your screens may look different depending on the functionality your institution has implemented, custom branding, and/or your permissions.


What is a Plan?

The uAchieve Academic Planner allows you to set up personalized plans that identify the courses you want to take each term to satisfy your declared program and stay on track to graduation. You can plan from a roadmap (designed by your program departments) if your school has set them up, or you can plan directly from the audit. (Plans can also be built from multiple roadmaps or program audits, allowing you to add minors, concentrated studies, etc.) This guide will give you some quick tips on how to plan from a roadmap, an outline of suggestions for courses you should consider taking at certain times to stay on track.






Clicking Plans from the toolbar after entering uAchieve Self-Service takes you to the planner.





From your Manage Plans page, you can edit an existing plan or create a new one.

To create a new plan, click Create a New Plan.


To work with an existing plan:

  •          Click any title under Edit Plan to open it


  • Use the Action field to edit, change a plan name, or make a copy.



Select the program you want to plan for.






  • A plan name
  • A starting term (fall, spring, winter, summer, etc.)
  • A starting year (when are you planning your first courses?)

  • The number of years you want to plan for

Click Add Plan.


You should now be in Plan Builder.



What is Plan Builder?

This is where you create your new plan. Our version defaults to an audit on the left and the plan on the right. If there are roadmap guides available, they will be listed above the audit. Click the link to plan from a roadmap.




To see recommended course options in a roadmap, click Expand All to see everything or individually toggle each area using the > keys.

Green checks indicate that the area is covered by either previously taken or already planned courses. These areas will not expand to show details.




How do I Add Courses to My Plan?



    1. Manually: Plan courses individually using the Add Course button under any term



2. Drag and Drop: Add courses by dragging them from a course list on the roadmap onto the term title:

a. “Grab” the course with your mouse

b. Drag it to the intended term

c. Term turns bright blue when you are in the “drop” zone

d. Course shows up in plan term list


Once a roadmap area is planned for, it checks off.



You can also move courses from one term to another on the plan by dragging and dropping.



3. Delete a Course: To delete an unwanted course from your plan:

a. Click the Edit button on the term line.

b. Check the box to the right of the course to be deleted (or All to check/delete all courses in the term).

c. Click Delete. (You will be prompted to confirm deletion.)

d. Click Submit to save your changes.




How (and Why) do I Validate Against the Audit?


Validate planned courses against the audit by clicking the check mark at the top of the plan



When a plan is validated, the audit is run to reflect how planned courses apply throughout your program of study. Here, ART251 applies to both Art and the Creative Writing/Genre area.  This is reflected in the roadmap with green check marks. It’s a good idea to validate often to double-check where courses are applying to make sure you are satisfying requirements and where you might be getting double credit!



Special Course Notations


Notations on the Roadmap

Required Courses


Preferred Courses






Wildcard Courses

clipboard_eb23be9c160d2ca4094916e7fc9405f1f.png Asterisks typically indicate wildcard characters on a roadmap—in this example, indicating you can select any Sociology course.

a-b. If you drag and drop a wildcard course...

c.    You will be prompted to enter the course department and number.

If the course displays with a red circle with a minus (clipboard_eb2dc36962bfa54f9e55f85bf8cdd4831.png), validating the plan turns it green unless there is a valid issue with the course.







Yellow boxes indicate a course range, like this one where you can select any Anthropology course from 175 to 231.



With ranges, you can drag and drop the first and last courses in the range





To add a course in the middle of a range, use the Add Course box then delete out the range course pulled first.





Notations on the Plan

Course Not Offered
If a course displays with a red circle with a minus (clipboard_eb2dc36962bfa54f9e55f85bf8cdd4831.png) it is an alert there may be an issue with planning this course. Hovering your cursor over the red circle will give you a hint: in this case, the course is not offered during this term.

If I click on the course, I see an availability grid—and that it’s only offered in Spring of 2020.


Completed Courses


To see completed courses from prior terms, click the grid icon (clipboard_ef014ca54a18b635d698673e8a573facb.png ) on the plan side of the screen.



Your plan will be on the left and your list of completed courses on the right.

You can add courses individually using the Add Course button under any term on this screen.

To return to the roadmap screen, click the grid icon again.

Finalizing Your Plan


When you are happy with your plan, you can return to your Manage Plans screen and choose to make your new plan preferred—or just leave it as an option.




Roadmap and Plan Icons

Roadmap Icons

clipboard_e4ebdc540af7f99387b7f6e512140a011.png View PDF: Displays entire roadmap as PDF

clipboard_ed96cf715d99d5ad8a82a3e02327cde0f.png Add Roadmap: Allows planning against an additional roadmap, which becomes "associated" with the plan
          (Delete removes associated roadmaps)

clipboard_e0a475fd34ef5209ca96e1f8d62e4f455.png  Move All*: Transfers all course options and unit values from the roadmap to the plan

clipboard_e89fe8d983a7c4f8330d42fd54d4bcb0f.png Move Preferred*: Transfers everything from the roadmap to the plan except where there are course options

*Once a course is planned, Move All/Move Preferred buttons deactivate; all courses must be removed from a plan to reactivate the buttons.


Plan Icons

clipboard_e15798f1c3dfe78646d869118a9ca38ac.png View an Audit: Toggles between plan and freshly run audit showing all planned courses

clipboard_e4ebdc540af7f99387b7f6e512140a011.png View PDF: Displays in-progress plan as PDF

clipboard_ece71ea558cbb597c8cbbfd2ca7064ec0.png See Associated Roadmap: Lists any associated roadmaps (no associated roadmaps here)

clipboard_e441bc8f6bf16cf4ed5dc030cc42db384.png See Completed Courses: Displays plan on left and completed coursework on right (to return, click See Completed Courses again)

clipboard_e59622942d14a86ed98ac7899ceab1685.png GPA Calculator: Displays plan on left and ability to plan GPA on right (to return, click GPA Calculator again)

clipboard_ef0442cf1d305a8719a1e4dce3b218cb7.png Comments: Displays plan on left and allows you to read/make comments on right (to return, click Comments again)

clipboard_e109469ad4e74c84fdbd5ba0ac5f9673d.png Check Plan against Degree Audit: Validates plan against audit, pre-requisites, and term availability

clipboard_e2e4e5300fa4bcda9d9ceddb1e02cf68c.png Remove All Courses: Removes all planned courses

clipboard_ed96cf715d99d5ad8a82a3e02327cde0f.png Add Term to Plan: Adds a new term to a plan (e.g., perhaps a summer or mid-winter term)

clipboard_e6dc8e772ddf6c5192a9bfed305a62de0.png Not Approved: Displays on declared plans and terms before a plan is approved

clipboard_e7229fff015c98dc38ee36a0a9584c375.png Approved: Displays on declared plans once a plan or a term has been approved

clipboard_e63877d862da0787e41460b3376b55944.png Request Approval: Requests formal approval for a declared plan or term; once approved, it becomes read-only and can only be changed by requesting unapproval

clipboard_ef21ed94273fba3b56941ed5b840b4e4d.png Request Unapproval: Requests unapproval of a plan or term to make changes



Term Icons

clipboard_eabb05c926efab363aa3f08efe9302b60.png Edit: Allows you to plan grades and delete courses in a term

clipboard_ecbcadf113ec4355947b6a30a3b6a3c78.png Trash: Allows you to delete a term

clipboard_e4d79135c6be5a0642a144c83f2cd3b65.png Schedule Courses: Allows you to create a personalized schedule of planned courses if Schedule Builder is installed

clipboard_e6dc8e772ddf6c5192a9bfed305a62de0.png Not Approved: Displays on declared terms before a plan is approved

clipboard_e7229fff015c98dc38ee36a0a9584c375.png Approved: Displays on declared terms once a term has been approved

clipboard_e63877d862da0787e41460b3376b55944.png Request Approval: Requests formal approval for a term on a declared plan; once approved, it becomes read-only and can only be changed by requesting unapproval

clipboard_ef21ed94273fba3b56941ed5b840b4e4d.png Request Unapproval: Requests unapproval of a term to make changes



Generic guide for download.

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