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QRG: Reading the uAchieve® Degree Audit


This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) offers a visual guide on how to interpret and understand a uAchieve degree audit. Included are visual cues, icon legends, and descriptions of various audit features.

NOTE: Your screens may look different depending on the functionality your institution has implemented, custom branding, and/or your permissions.


Audit Overview

Three sections help students quickly identify where they stand.


Information about the Student



The top of the screen identifies the student, their declared program, and may also include:

  • Program Code  The code for the degree program used by your institution
  • Catalog Year  Identifies the version of the program for the student


Results at a Glance

Next are color-coded charts for an “at a glance” view of earned, in-progress, and planned hours.


  • Charts on the left track total hours to graduation and cumulative GPA
  • On the right, charts track progress (in hours) in specific program areas




Colored areas identify:



Bars are interactive: clicking a category bar drills down to more detail.







To return to earlier audit screens, click the breadcrumb links.


Audit Detail


The bottom of the screen provides greater detail and text instructions for program requirements.

  • Arrows expand program components one at a time to show instructions and applicable courses.
  • Open All Sections expands the entire report.


Reading the Audit


Audits are made up of a list of components with two levels of detail:

  • The top level displays high-level requirement needs and reports what the student has earned and still needs
  • Sub-groups break requirements down into smaller chunks and can provide instructions and expected courses


Indicators for requirements and sub-groupsinclude:




Sub-group Details



Sub-groups typically add details including:

  • Instructions or guidelines
  • Acceptable courses with a SELECT FROM label
  • Unacceptable courses with a NOT FROM label



Taken Courses

Taken courses typically appear with:

  • Term and date with first two digits of term and last two digits of year
  • Hours earned
  • Grade may include “real” grades or interpretive grades based on your institution’s policies—see In Progress Courses below.
  • Course title

Once a course is taken, it disappears from the Select From list.




Once a requirement is complete, sub-groups, instructions, and Select From lines disappear; only courses and earned information are reported.



In Progress Courses

IN-P and IP stand for “in progress” and indicate a course is currently being taken. Credit or Courses Taken will display a zero until the courses are completed and a final grade is assigned.


Here, RG (for registered) is the grade assigned until the course is completed with a real grade (your institution may handle these courses differently).



You might also see the following symbols in a course list:


Other Course Information


Most audits also include an “excess courses” section to collect courses that don’t apply anywhere else in the program.



The Course History tab displays taken courses, term-by-term with GPA plotted by hours in chart and list form.



To return to the main audit display, use the Audit Results tab.

Waivers & Exceptions
















If there are waivers, you may see notes like this where ACR201 was used in place of one of the acceptable Geography courses.






Some institutions may not add notes, however. You might instead see such information under the Applied Exceptions tab at the top of the audit.

Running a New Audit 


To run a fresh audit or a “what-if” audit to see how taken courses might apply to a different program—use the Request Audit button.



Generic guide for download.

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