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Dashboard Quick Start Guide


The Dashboard application serves as the central landing page for the CollegeSource uAchieve applications. 

Users with access to any of the applications (e.g., uAchieve Self-Service, uAchieve Planner) will be able to log in to the Dashboard and view functionality that they have been granted access to in the security app. For example, if a user who only has access to Batch logs in, then they will only see Batch features on the Dashboard home page.

Two functionalities integrated into Dashboard are common among all of the uAchieve applications: Student Search and Comments.

Outside of the ability to view their student profile, students are restricted from access to the Dashboard functionalities that administrators have. When students log in to the Dashboard, they are redirected to the student's page in either Self-Service or the Planner, based upon the student landing page configured in the Dashboard application.

Log In

Log in to the Dashboard by following the URL to the application login page, where you will enter your User Name and Password to access the application:

Dashboard Home

The Dashboard Home page contains buttons for Admin and Reports, in addition to other functionality such as the Audit Comparison tool, if permissions allow. Menu bar(s) appear across the top of the page.

NOTE: At any point within the app, use the Home button (Dashboard Home button.jpg) in the top left of the menu bar to return to the home page.


Buttons specific to the Dashboard Home page may include the following:

  • Reports
  • Admin
  • Student Access


In Dashboard, the Reports area that generates over a dozen configurable reports (depending upon permissions) in both HTML and PDF format. These reports generate information on Batch, Course Demand, Exceptions, and Encoding:

Reports categories.png

See Dashboard Reports for a functional overview of these report features.


The Dashboard contains all the security functionalities of the uAchieve applications. This allows a user with the proper permissions to have access to all the security pages from any of the applications, compared to previous versions where there was only a single link to the security application in the menu. Also, Dashboard security contains the new application functions needed to access the Reports area of the Dashboard.

Dashboard Security.jpg

See Dashboard Security for more details.


The Admin area can be accessed from the Admin button on Dashboard home (or via drop-down menu in Settings ):

Admin links to a console where users access the app functionality settings they have permissions to.

NOTE: The Admin help area is only accessible to staff users.

See the Admin help page for more details.


Menu bars at the top of the Dashboard screen provide common, seamless navigation across applications.

Student Login

Student login displays a single (coral-colored) menu bar:

Student login menu bar.jpg

Staff Login

Staff login initially displays a single (coral-colored) menu bar, as well, with options different from students to reflect a different level of access:

Dashboard staff menu bar.png

If/when staff select a student, a second (gray-colored) menu bar that is student-specific displays below the top menu:

Dashboard staff menu bar with a student selected.png


The Style area changes the visual display of the page's color scheme. Under the user name and institution in the upper-right corner of the screen is a Select your style area. Two available options include default style and high contrast style:

Select your style area in upper right corner.jpg

Default Style

By default upon login, the Default Style (Default Style light coral.jpg light coral) displays the page in light coral. 

High Contrast Style

Alternately, you may toggle to High Contrast Style (High Contrast Style dark coral.jpg dark coral). This option is useful for visually impaired users because it improves the visual accessibility

of the generated page.


New in 4.5  High Contrast Style improves accessibility even further by adding visual patterns to charts and graphs on the Audit Results tab.


Settings may be viewed and customized via the gear button () drop-down on the right end of the menu bar. Admin users will see several options: Admin, Change Password, Select Institution, Help, and Log Out.


NOTE: Students will only see two options displayed under SettingsHelp and Log Out.


Change Password

Complete fields for Current Password, New Password, and Confirm New Password. Save to conserve changes or click Cancel to cancel change of password.

Change Password area.jpg


Help directs the user, by default, to the Hello World page that opens in a new browser tab.In the screenshot below, the Help link has been configured to link to the Self-Service Hello World page:

Dashboard Hello World page.jpg 

Where the Help link directs the user is highly configurable. In Dashboard, for example, one Help URL for both advisors and students may be specified.

For more information, see the Hello World page for each uAchieve application.

Log Out

Log Out logs the user out of the application. The logout confirmation page provides a link back to the application to log back in again.

Logout Successful window with link to log back in.jpg

Dashboard Properties

For details on how users can set various properties in Dashboard for any given user or group, see Properties.


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