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Student Search


New in 4.5.1  The Student Search function has improved performance of search results for student records. This search now works the same in Self-Service as it does in the uAchieve Planner.

The Students button allows the user to perform a student search by Student ID, First Name, or Last Name.

Alternately, you may access from the menu bar:



Access to the Students area is controlled by uAchieve Self-Service app function SS_MISC_STUDENTSEARCH, otherwise this button to access student search will not display.

  • If Update is set to None, the advisor has no access to the student search screen
  • If Update is set to Full, the advisor has access to the student search screen

Access to student advisees is also controlled by uAchieve Self-Service app function SS_MISC_STUDENTSEARCH:

  • If Read is set to Restricted, then the advisor is limited to only being able to search their list of advisees
  • If Read is set to Full, the advisor is not limited and can search all students



Customize the display in the Student search area in the Admin help area.

Depending upon the level of access and customizations performed, the Student Search page has several areas:

  • Search fields
  • List of advisees
  • Add new student

Student Search page callouts.jpg

Student Search Fields

Search by Student ID

If you know the exact ID of the student you wish to locate, enter it in the Student ID field and click the Search button

Search by Student Name

  • If you know a student's first or last name, enter one or both in the First Name and Last Name fields
  • You can search by a partial name as well as a full name
  • For example, searching for Jo will return students named both Jon and Jonathan

List of Advisees

Based on established advisor-advisee relationships, your list of advisees will populate the table. In the example above, the logged in advisor has give advisees.

Select Student

Whether a student is returned in a student search or selected () from the list of advisees, you will be directed to the last-run audit for that student.

Add a New Student

Complete the field on the Add Student page to add the new student to your list of advisees:



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