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Dashboard 4.5.1 Release Notes


Date Jul 17, 2018
Issues 16 issues


Important Highlights From This Release

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All Updates for This Release

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Issue Number Description
DASH-687 Update micro help to point out to correct major version documentation space in Confluence
DASH-714 The reset to default buttons have changed into weird raised buttons
DASH-692 Reports- Batch - Program Percent Complete - Pie not displaying in tablet or mobile screen sizes
DASH-701 The report entry boxes are overlapping the footer
DASH-700 In IE11 the course search entry box is extending off the page
DASH-702 Users are unable to add a security group name
DASH-705 The group roles in IE11 are crushed together in a single line
DASH-686 We need to remove all reference to school code from the suite
DASH-667 Merge the Duplicated Email Service in Web Applications into the ActionService
DASH-688 Upgrade Bootstrap and Font Awesome
DASH-689 Upgrade Bootstrap in Dashboard
DASH-691 Reports - Planned Course Demand - Unique Rows
DASH-652 Can't run course search report after running the student plan progress report
DASH-706 Edge 4.5.1: Cannot view Group Roles
DASH-713 CollegeTranscriptImporterController is tied to the wrong log class
DASH-703 DARwin3.5: Please update the version to 4.5.1 instead of 4.5
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