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Dashboard 4.5.4 Release Notes


Our release notes provide brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features that are created with each new Dashboard version.
Date Mar 10, 2020
Issues 57 issues


Important Highlights From This Release

Key Highlighttext
DASH-991 Added externalCode field to the TransferInstitution.xml for Transcript Importer to allow schools to use any code that their transfer data may be saved under


All Updates for This Release

Issue Number Description
DASH-927 Separate out Batch audits from Audits area in Admin help console
DASH-716 Ensure consistency with Admin labels and pluralization
DASH-695 Review the "New in" Admin help console; handling when current release has no new properties
DASH-929 Term Template page shows Default_Term Value as Show_To_Students Value
DASH-989 Cannot click on the Exceptions link from the Search in the Admin help console
DASH-990 Microhelp link does not work for Allow Private Comments in Admin/Global/General
DASH-975 The config dprog and catyt overrides the Declared Program in the Planner
DASH-856 Full Comment - Headings must be properly nested in the MAIN landmark
DASH-848 Compare Previous/JobIDs - Heading is not properly nested on the page or in the MAIN landmark
DASH-847 Audit Comparison Result page - Add Comment/Full Comment pop-up window - Headings must be properly nested on the page
DASH-980 Running an audit comparison generates an error
DASH-999 SQL: Cannot export student list using Audit Comparison when Comparison Name contains an apostrophe
DASH-1003 Mark as Reviewed checkbox should display the same location for all browsers
DASH-978 Pass in the Instcd as a parameter for the Scheduled Course Demand Report
DASH-699 Reports - When showing more ranges and changing the "per page" drop-down, the Hide Ranges button does not disappear
DASH-982 FinAid - Shows one search field in 4.5.4, but has two search fields in 4.5.3
DASH-906 Reports - Headings are not properly nested on the page
DASH-866 Reports - Headings in the drop-down list are not properly nested in the MAIN landmark
DASH-865 Reports - Headings in the drop-down list are not properly nested in the page
DASH-861 Reports label - Headings must be nested in the MAIN landmarks
DASH-860 Reports - Headings must be properly nested on the page
DASH-1006 Financial Aid Report no longer displays second layer results
DASH-1015 Reports do not work when the instcd option is set to null
DASH-979 User can run Financial Aid Report although no data is entered in the required fields
DASH-997 SQL: Student Schedule Preferences - Report stuck in loading data
DASH-930 Update Transcript Importer to use Institution Specific Collection
DASH-925 Update the Transcript Importer Student Search to check "Uppercase Student Number" property
DASH-915 Check to make sure a transcript is a college transcript before uploading it
DASH-1001 IE11/Transcript Importer logs - View Details link does not work
DASH-899 Stop using sending code as a fallback when institution code does not exist in Transfer-Institution.xml
DASH-935 Start HTML encoding any data being output to the web application log files
DASH-917 Only show the Encoding reports for uAchieve if the Self-Service link is set
DASH-991 Create externalCode field in Transfer-Institution.xml file for Transcript Importer
DASH-340 Student Plan Progress Report - Default the End Term option to current term
DASH-827 Show Product Key warnings to all users who have the Admin permissions
DASH-639 Rethink how tab indexing is used in Dashboard
DASH-628 When a user clicks Clone but forgets required information and then enters all expected information, the Security app loses the information about the cloned user
DASH-313 Firefox: Audit Comparison Tool opens comparisons in a separate window instead of a separate tab
DASH-260 Add/Remove group members generates an error if the username contains special characters
DASH-468 Student Name Search Results - Checkbox is read as a generic checkbox instead of informing the user it is the checkbox to add a user
DASH-467 Search by Name and Student ID Search buttons are read as "button," which is uninformative to the screen reader user

Pie chart GPA label length is pushes down into the graph legend

DASH-995 SQL: No prompt for the user to select an institution
DASH-994 SQL: User has full permissions but cannot access Student Population List
DASH-918 When some reports are hidden in the reporting area. the reports search results count is off
DASH-916 Course Demand Reports are not available in the Reports sidebar without a Planner URL set
DASH-1014 When Self-Service link is removed from the Admin, a user can still run audits, view audits, and view Program Matcher
DASH-1011 Planner should not display in the drop-down list for the student landing page when it has already been removed from the Admin
DASH-937 Security does not allow View-Only access to the Admin help console
DASH-1007 Student Courses by Source School has hard coded INSTCD = ' '
DASH-1000 DARwin/Admin - Self-Service links in the Search option should be hidden
DASH-1016 Audit Comparison Tool will not run for populations with an ID over 999
DASH-983 Program Matcher max set to 99999999999 generates an error upon Save
DASH-933 Correct logging in License Key
DASH-934 License Key is not properly checking Transcript Importer
DASH-1010 When Schedule Builder and Planner are removed from the Admin help console, they still show in the menu bar
DASH-992 Update the copyright year to 2020 for all applications


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