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Domains limit the permission scope to a certain level of your institution's hierarchical structure.

As opposed to Roles, which are about granting access in Dashboard Security, Domain are more about restricting access. And in terms of restricting access, this pertains mostly to data access than app functions.

User permissions may be directly applied to an account or inherited from groups they belong to. 

Remember: Domains are only acknowledged by the uAchieve Planner application, and only when building Roadmaps.

Domains are built upon a hierarchy that you must define, from 1 to 6 levels, which must be defined in a database view.

Security Domains are applicable at the User-level and the Group-level. Each User or Group placed into a Domain is restricted to only being able to access the data associated with that Domain–specifically degree programs and students.

Domains and Wildcards

As with other components in the uAchieve suite of applications, the asterisk (*) can serve as a wildcard character. However, where Domains are concerned, wildcards only make snese if you use them from right to left:


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