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A Group is a container for a list of Roles and is used to map users to their appropriate Roles. A group may have multiple Roles as well as multiple Users.

The Groups area of Dashboard Security allows you to map Roles to your institution's Groups. Make the associations by selecting the Roles and clicking on the appropriate buttons.

View Groups

Select an existing Group from the list of Groups by clicking on a Group name; this name will populate the "Selected Group Name" field. Group settings appear across the four tabs (Roles, Group Members, Domains, Properties) below:

Create Groups

To create a new Group, navigate to the Groups option on the Security menu drop-down:

Security dropdown menu, Groups.jpg

The Group Management page is displayed:

Group Management page.jpg

Follow these steps to Create Groups:

  1. Click the New button (New button.jpg) to create a new Group.
  2. In the Group Name field, create a unique Group name.
  3. Click << Add 

    See below to Delete a Group.
  4. Determine which functions this Group will have permissions for in the table below, according to the four tabs.


Manage Group Settings

Detailed Group information pertaining to permissions is accessible below across the four tabs (Roles, Group Members, Domains, Properties):

Group Management page tabs.jpg

Delete Groups

Follow these steps to Delete an existing Group:

  1. Select a Group to Delete from the Groups list
  2. Click Delete

  3. A pop-up warning box prompts you to confirm the Group deletion. Click Delete Group to confirm the Group deletion or Cancel to cancel the deletion and return to the previous Role Management page.
    Delete Group dialog box.jpg
  4. A successfully deleted Group will be removed from the Groups list.



>> Next, proceed to Domains >>

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