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Hiding Audit Requests From Users


SOPRIDs (or Security Operator IDs) are values assigned to audits that allow users to define sets of audits, which can be used to limit what users are able to see the audit in question. These values can be defined both for audit requests and on individual users in multiple locations.

At a high level, this functionality works by only allowing a user to see audits that have a matching SOPRID to what SOPRID is defined on the user (or in the application that they are attempting to look for audits through, e.g., uAchieve Self-Service, uAchieve Planner, Batch.


For all uAchieve applications, when an audit is requested the application will determine the best fitting SOPRID value available for the audit request.

The following steps are used to determine the SOPRID for an audit request:

  1. Loop through all user/group defined SOPRID values (SECURE_SOPRID).
    1. If an applicable SOPRID is found, then it is used.
    2. If multiple SOPRIDs are found, then the first SOPRID found is used.
  2. If no user/group defined SOPRIDS are found, then the application-specific configuration is used.

Defining SOPRIDs

SOPRIDs are defined in multiple locations, including parts of the security implementation as well as the application configurations. Specific properties define the SOPRID for each separate application.

User/Group SOPRIDs

The SECURE_SOPRID property is what is defines a User SOPRID. SECURE_SOPRID can be assigned to individual users or user groups. This can be done via the Dashboard or through the use of a Property Decorator–customizable code in the security API. By default, these values are pulled from the RED_PROPERTY_DOMAIN_MAPPING table.

Application SOPRID Properties

Each application defines a “default” SOPRID for their audit requests. These values are only used when the user does not have their own SOPRID properties defined. Below are references to each of the application’s SOPRID property:

uAchieve Self-Service (

# The operator ID to use when running an audit for a student or advisor.

# Also, users can only see audits run by the same operator ID.

# Set to { {*} } to allow users to see audits run by any operator ID.

# Maximum of 8 characters allowed.

# Can be overridden using SECURE_SOPRID properties in the

# CollegeSource security application.



uAchieve Planner (


Batch (batch.xml)

<Links to Property page for this property>

      <options name="soprids">

            <option name="BARS" label="BARS" />


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