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QRG: Running What-if Audits in uAchieve


This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) provides a guide on how to run what-if audits and the Program Matcher to show how a student’s taken courses might apply to other programs at your institution.

NOTE: Your screens may look different depending on the functionality your institution has implemented, custom branding, and/or your permissions.


Running What-if Audits

uAchieve includes the ability to run what-if audits to see how a student’s taken courses might apply to a program different than the one they are currently pursuing if they’re considering changing majors or adding studies such as a minor.




uAchieve allows students, advisors, and faculty to run audit reports at any time through our web interface. To run an audit for the declared program, click Run Declared Programs.


To start the selection process for a what-if audit, click Select a Different Program.




Begin the what-if process by selecting a new program to run against using the drop-down Program field then selecting a Catalog Year.




What-if audits can be as simple or as complex as each institution would like. At left, the student is allowed to not only select a new major program, but also additional majors, minors, and is being prompted to select a required concentration for the Creative Writing second major.


Selections can be cancelled at any time using trash can icons
(clipboard_e40ff49970ceceb81c07ab674abf810f6.png) or Clear Selections buttons.


When you are ready to run the what-if audit, click Run Different Program. The new report will automatically open and show how the student’s taken courses would apply to the selected requirements.


Using Program Matcher




To run Program Matcher, select Audits/Program Matcher from the toolbar.


Generic guide for download.

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