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Accessibility is important to us!

Accessibility Statement

We at CollegeSource are committed to ensuring our website and our products are accessible to our users. We continually strive to improve accessibility and Section 508 compliance for all users. If you have questions or suggestions on access improvement, please contact us.

To demonstrate our ongoing commitment to product compliance with Section 508, we maintain two types of accessibility documentation:

  • Accessibility Conformance Report (or VPAT 2.0)
  • Accessibility Roadmap


What is Accessibility?

In our context, accessibility refers to people with disabilities having access to CollegeSource information and technologies. Accessibility ensures that all users--regardless of ability--can perceive, navigate, understand, and engage with our products. To this end, we strive for compliance with Section 508 regulations.

Section 508

Related to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which broadly prohibits discrimination based on disability, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 places specific requirements on federal agencies to make their electronic and information technologies accessible to people with disabilities. Because of its specificity to IT accessibility with respect to governmental agencies (and our customer base is comprised of colleges and universities), we focus on meeting Section 508 guidelines.

> Visit Section 508 guidelines here


Accessibility Disclaimer

CollegeSource, Inc. is committed to making its website and suite of products accessible through constant review and redesign, as necessary, to ensure that they meet or exceed accessibility standards and guidelines. We appreciate your patience through this ongoing process.

Third Parties:

CollegeSource, Inc., incurs no responsibility for third party customization or manipulation of an application that compromises the intended accessibility of a product.

Still have questions regarding accessibility features? Contact us.

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